School Owners Growth: What Every School Administrator Ought to Know For An All-Round School Success

Having a passion for kids is great.


STARTING a school JUST because you have a PASSION for kids is another ball game to play.

“Follow your passion” as it’s mostly and popularly said is GOOD but NOT True to an extent and may NOT make you MONEY.

Having a passion for playing golf or football DOESN’T mean following it to become a footballer or Golfer CAN make you SUCCESSFUL… No.

You NEED learn what’s required to make that passion PROFITABLY SUCCESSFUL…

Like: the skills you need and the TALENT you’ve got, the PLATFORM that will help and so on.

Here’s a scenerio…


I know a woman in Abuja, who started a school back then and after years of operation, her school got demolished during El Rufai land development era.

She was devastated…

but NEVER relented and started ANOTHER school again which she grew up to a success from SCRATCH.

Another woman i know, though not in the same state, JUST followed her PASSION, started a school and when the going got TOUGH, with enrollment declining, some pupils withdrawing…and so on.

Guess what she did?

She closed down the school and became a trader; selling groceries thinking that her village people were behind it.

Both Women HAD passion but what distinguished one from the other was mindset, knowledge, experience, capability, Values, and so on…

Note this:

Just having X years of experience as a teacher or director DON’T guarantee when you start a school, you’ll JUST make it.

Today, I’ll share with you something very vital.

I won’t take much of your time, so that you can be able to do what you’re doing…



As a brand strategist, and having worked with/In some schools and studied some “Successful” high-flying schools…

I’ll share with you 3 SECRET factors for an ALL-ROUND school SUCCESS.

Listen closely…

The term has just begun. The drum roll is beating…

What i want to share with you isn’t just mere knowledge but SECRETS when understood and applied…

Can help DEVELOP your school.

Let’s go…

#1: Sweat

No school CAN EVER have success without “sweat”.

What’s this “sweat”? Hardwork.

Neither did Usain bolt, said to be the fastest man alive, just come out and BECAME successful.


C. Ronaldo & Messi, the top best football players just BECAME successful.

They worked their heads out.

As big as Winners chapel, RCCG, Salvation Ministery and Dunamis are today, it was a result of hard work. Plain simple

Now, what are some of these hard work? You may ask.

Here they are:

Hard work like:

  • making sure the pupils are taught properly,
  • seeing to it that rules or policy of the school is followed,
  • seeing to it that teachers are IN-TIME or ON-TIME to school (which are two different things),
  • seeing to it that the shuttle driver(s) pick the pupils on timely basis and so….on.

Which now leads me to the next factor…

#2: Sacrifice

No MAN can attain success in ANY field without SACRIFICE.

A student who WANTS to pass an exam NEEDS TO sacrifice TIME of sleeping 12hours or going on parties or playing video games to READ.

A business owner who WANTS to see his business GROW, NEEDS to sacrifice his/her TIME to do things that can MAKE the business grow.

As much as Hardwork is important and Sacrifice is too, the next factor is of PIVOTAL importance which DETERMINES the result YOU get.

#3: Information

Yes. It’s information. Information = Knowledge. They say “knowledge is power”.


The question lies in the TYPE of knowledge.

Knowledge comes FROM access to INFORMATION.

With that said, it’s said that information is key.

But…. That is so WRONG.

Here’s what information is: “A” key.


Let’s rephrase it for a moment:

Information is A key.

Just information ALONE can’t make you be successful.

Information that isn’t RETRIEVABLE is worthless. Thanks to Mike Murdock for this wise word.

Think about this:

You got home from work after driving 1hr with your “legedis benz” tired…

On reaching to the door-step of your house, you’re already visualising your bed, you then put your hand in your pocket reached for your bunch of keys…

only to find out, that the EXACT key you can use to open the door, you dropped it off on the table in your office.

Now, at that moment, which is IMPORTANT:

The bunch of keys to some padlocks or the key to that door?

Ps: All those factors is NECESSARY for your success as long as PRAYER remains constant.

Have a great day.

3 thoughts on “School Owners Growth: What Every School Administrator Ought to Know For An All-Round School Success”

  1. Hendricks Okoye

    This is really insightful and we’ll timed. I’ve been thinking and planning ahead of next term. This just made me more confident.

  2. Elizabeth Oluwatosin

    Got your email.

    I must say, I’m grateful to be learning from you.

    I’m just really losing enthusiasm about school Business, thinking of that second opportunity you shared via email. Will be sending you a message for you to put me though on what’s involved.

    1. Precious George

      I’m honoured ma.

      You shouldn’t lose enthusiasm about your school business either.

      Just look at the other opportunity I shared, as something you can leverage on as part of your business.

      You can send me a message via WhatsApp ==> wa.me/2347066117944 let’s talk.

      Just got to notice the link I sent out earlier had a little error.

      Here’s the correct link about the lesson ==>preciousGeorge.com/moneylesson

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