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Hi, Precious George here.


I wanted to take a second to say hello, to welcome you and to tell you what to expect..


I know this is going to be something you haven’t seen before…


Because what you’ll receive via inbox will be really worth your time by:

The Number of months and years i’ve worked with some of the top schools…

The number of years i’ve put in to see schools increase their students transition rates…

The 400+ questiions i’ve got so far on school, career and business growth…

Helping some awesome clients scale and see results..



And here’s the thing…

I’d be sharing my knowledge with you, so you can apply in your growth endeavour.


I believe any of the emails I will send you is going to push you towards your vision and growth


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After that you may receive an email from me occassionally.


These emails will continue to help you learn how to navigate in this rough economy system and will be original thoughts I often may not even publish on my blog.


These are only for you, my subscribers.


Sound fair? GOOD!


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