3 SECRETS Helping School Administrators To Run a Successful School

In one of my posts, we talked about a highly debated topic…

On whether or not One’s PASSION for kids is enough for RUNNING a successful school.

According to research, In most schools if not all, Erratic cash flow for schools leads to difficulties in meeting financial obligations, the largest being monthly teachers’ salaries.

At such, regular difficulties in paying salaries, was reported at 75
percent of approved schools and 59 percent of unapproved.

EVERY school want to maintain a HIGH tempo of CASHFLOW.

Today, I’ll share with you something very vital to ACHIEVING that.

Remember, I did promise to share with You TESTED and TRUSTED factors that assures step by step success for school administrators.

Follow me closely.

I won’t take much of your time, so you can be able to continue on the work you do…



As a visibility strategist, and having worked with/In some schools and studied some “Successful” high-flying schools…

I’ll share with you 3 SECRET factors for An ALL-ROUND school SUCCESS

Listen closely…

The term has already begun. The drum roll is beating…

What i want to share with you isn’t just mere knowledge but SECRETS when understood and applied…

Can help you develop your school.

Let’s go…

#1: Sweat

No school CAN EVER have success without “sweat”.

What’s this “sweat”? Hardwork.

Neither did Usain bolt, said to be the fastest man alive, just come out and BECAME successful.


Havard, just became successful well-known school.


C. Ronaldo & Messi, the top best football players, just BECAME successful.

They worked their heads out.

As big as Winners chapel, RCCG, Salvation Ministery, SCOAN and Dunamis are today…

It was as a result of hard work. Plain simple

Now, what are some of these hard work? You may ask.

Here they are:

Hard work like:

making sure the pupils are taught properly,

  • Making sure the pupils are taught properly
  • seeing to it that rules or policy of the school is followed
  • seeing to it that teachers are IN-TIME or ON-TIME to school (which are two different things)
  • seeing to it that the school shuttle pick the pupils on timely basis and so….on.

Which now leads me to the next…

#2: Sacrifice

No MAN can attain success in ANY field without SACRIFICE.

A student who WANTS to pass an exam NEEDS TO sacrifice TIME of sleeping 12 hours or going on parties or playing video games to READ.

A business owner who WANTS to see his business GROW, NEEDS to sacrifice his/her TIME to do things that can MAKE the business grow.

As much as Hardwork and sacrifice is required, the next factor is of PIVOTAL importance which DETERMINES the result YOU get.

#3: Information

Yes. It’s information.

Information = Knowledge

They say “knowledge is power“.


The question lies in the TYPE of knowledge.

Knowledge comes FROM access to INFORMATION.

With that said, it’s said that information is key.

But…. That is so WRONG.

Information is A key.


Let’s rephrase it for a moment again:

Information is A key.

Just information ALONE can’t make you be successful.

You need both Hardwork and sacrifice.

Information that isn’t RETRIEVABLE is worthless. Thanks to Mike Murdock for those wise words.

Imagine you got home from work after driving 1hr with your “legedis benz” tired…

On reaching to the door-step of your house, already visualising your bed, you then put your hand in your pocket and reached for your bunch of keys…


only for you to find out, that the EXACT key  you can use to open the door, you dropped it off on the table in your workplace.

Now, at that moment, which is IMPORTANT:

The bunch of keys to some other padlocks or the key to that exact door?

Have a great day.

Ps: All these factors are NECESSARY for your success as long as PRAYER remains CONSTANT.

You’re Priceless.

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