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Are you scared of not preparing well for jamb?

Do you feel unsure of the forthcoming exam?

Do you hope not to repeat jamb and stay home another year again?

Whether you hope to move from being a “jambite” to an undergraduate,

You’re not alone. I get it.
Repeating or failing jamb is what no one wants to experience.


Imagine your junior sibling or school mate meeting up with you….


…people who called you “senior” then, only for you to be seated with them in the same tutorial class or exam hall.

It can be so embarrassing.



To an extent when your colleagues ask you where or what level you are, you bluff about already being in university (which isn’t true, in order to save your head).

Preparing for jamb can be somewhat daunting and uneasy.

Having to prepare for 4 subjects with endless topics, formulars, definitions, stories…. E no dey easy.

You dont have to stuggle with all these anymore.

Neither do you have to lie to your friends not score low and stay home just another year again.

You can score higher that your Mates.


You can be able to move from being a JAMBITE to undergraduate this year and wear your matric gown.

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Tony Okafor, one of the JSF students, read for 5hrs  daily back in 2017 ahead of his JAMB, but at the end scored 127. Later, after using this little guide, he was able to smash 246 the in 2018 without much stress.

Chijoke, through this same guide used it and smashed his and was also offered Admission easily. With no strings attached. No long talk.



You don’t have to spend hours, days, weeks and even months reading Amiss anymore. Every exam has got an AOC {Area of concentration} and so does jamb.

Jamb is a survival of the fittest game. Even the most intelligent have been seen to fail it too.

You don’t have to be one of those that will fail and spend another year at home again.


Introducing..... JAMB SUCCESS FLIGHT.

What You'll Discover In This Guide:

This is a guide that helps you FOCUS your reading and jamb preparation very very easily.

It reveals to you the most important questions and topics jamb set from. Every. Single. Year. Since 1989 till date.

Are you aware that out of the whole syllabus jamb tells you to read, which get most folks confused, over the volume of the contents to read, they only set questions from 10 – 15 yearly out of the 500+ topics you’re told to read. (This guide reveals those 10 – 15)

In this guide, you’ll come to find out the top 5 topics that JAMB set not less than 9 questions from every year. These questions have come out for 5years straight. Thus, you’re bound to see them this year.


Unlike others out there that sell you stuff and leave you, I make sure I do what I teach by helping every single student get the most out of this guide.





Back in 2018, out of 175 people who bought and used this guide, 149 got admission through the insight this guide brings.

One of the most remarkable news I got from one of the students who wrote last year, was seeing a young lady, Chinazom, who came to me in tears about how 2018 made it her 6th year writing JAMB and that she really wants to gain Admission this year (2018). I told her to buy this guide…..



Guess what? 

Her story changed. She was the one that phoned and even sent me a lonnng message via WhatsApp that she has finally been offered Admission at last.

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Now, out of 198 that this guide was sold to in 2019, so far, a total of 168+ students have been offered Admission.

A guide like this was what I wished to have when I was still a JAMBITE. Which made me create it. I used it during my time as a test and it helped me. So, I’m very sure, it will work for you just as it has worked for 300+ students in 2years alone.

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