MUST-READ: How One Admission Tweak Would Have Saved Chinazom 5years Writing  JAMB

Have you ever wondered why some people, who seem to score high, never gain admission?

Have you ever wondered why some people could spend 2 - 3,4 or even 5yrs writing JAMB?



I'll show you why Today.




Although, this post is a bit long, it's worth your time.




Sometimes back, I shared with most of my membes a little trick that can dramatically increase their chances of scoring high in JAMB this year...



However, Today's post is a BANG!







Because it's a first time, I'll be sharing this kind of info anywhere online for FREE.




I've ONLY shared this with people, who may have been privilege to buy my materials, trained, coached or hear me speak in their schools, lesson centre, church, event etc...





What I'm About To Drop Here is Info I Got After My Conversation With a Top JAMB Official Sometimes Last 2years...

FYI: I'm no JAMB official.



I had a friend, whose relation works with JAMB, to connect me to "pick his uncle's brain".




During our conversation, he disclosed to me 6 Most Vital Factors...



That can and has HINDERED most Jambites from gaining admission yearly.




He told me NOT to share this as it is what MOST officials know and are not meant to openly disclose...




...and at such, the more people repeat JAMB, the more $$$$ JAMB makes.





As an obedient and humble person, I just said YES sir, I won't.



This was one of the reasons i created a private online Academy that now houses over 1000+ students nationwide, to share an info as VITAL as this, without his knowledge.




I'll be sharing with you ONE of those 6 Factors.

This is One Of The Reasons A Jambite Will See,"Admission in Progress" And Later See It Changed To, "Not Admitted"  Even After Smashing 280+

Funny enough, You may be or have been a VICTIM of this or not. If You haven't, read this so that you may not fall.


If you're, don't PANIC. There's still solution even though many don't know there is.

Listen to me very very carefully... Don't Joke With This

One of these 6 Vital factors that can HINDER you from being admitted is Wrong SUBJECT COMBINATION.






Last year, one of the students I encountered, Nazom, had been writing JAMB for 5yrs and last year, made it her 6th, despite scoring well the previous years.



I felt her pain. I understood how haunted she was over it.



When we did some check, we realized she was combining the WRONG subjects for the course she applied for.



As simple as tweaking her subject combination and following the remaining 5 factors, she was admitted last year...




Now, she's an undergraduate after being a jambite for 5years.




If You're Applying For ANY Course, You Have To Make Sure Of These 3 Things

  • The subjects you chose for the course applied in JAMB, you had at least credit in them in your O'level result.
  • The subjects you applied in JAMB is what's required in your school of choice
  • The Way you combined Your subjects, matches University-Wide Approach 

Now, This is an example of what I mean

If You are going for say, Medicine and Surgery, you must have credit in English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.


If by any chance, you applied for Medicine, and smashed your JAMB with 250+, but got a D7, your admission that year will be showing "Admission in Progress" and after awhile, you'll see "Not Admitted"



This people below are few of the numbers affected by this and later got it corrected quickly after I explained to them some things.

 You know eh...

You can smash 280+ yet, be denied admission because of this simple thing

JAMB will not tell you this because when many aspirants GAIN ADMISSION, the candidates that will apply the next year will be low.

This is why JAMBITES has increased from hundreds of thousand to millions.

By hidding this info makes JAMB to be a HOT CAKE every. Single. Year.

So, How Do I Make Sure I Don't make ANY mistake this year?

There are three ways:

(1) Choose the right subjects that aligns with your course



(2) Follow the Framework that could help you easily gain admission.


(3) Make sure your O'Level have no mistakes


The good thing is that Based on over 2743+ messages people I have coached and taught send to me about their admission problem, I created a Framework which most who fololwed it, got admission through it.


One of the things about gaining, is the EXCITEMENT that comes from it.

Students who were offered admission, were so excited that they sent me their screenshots.

See some of them below

Ogbonna Got Civil Law into UNIZIK
Admission on Political Science into UNILAG

If You Are Interested To Not Make Such Mistake Like This or Any Again

And You Want to Learn How To Make Your Admission This Year A Success

(Click the link above to get access to A Little Guide I created That Will Help You, In Your Quest To Be An Undergraduate This Year. Very Easily.)

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